Friday, August 20, 2010


3 days ago, I received a 'love letter'. It says I Have to settle RM12,742.35 worth of outstanding study loan amount that I have with PTPTpu. I do admit that when I first started working, I couldn't afford to pay the big amount of monthly repayment which is RM470 out of my mere RM1900 gaji at MISC. So for a couple of years, the study loan went away unserviced by me - and it keeps on piling!!!! The interest rate is so darn bloody high, they've pegged it at 4% with a fix monthly processing of RM150 - thus bringing the monthly repayment to such big amount.

Menyesal amik PTPTN? Definitely. My CGPA in college has always been more than 3.00. I could've applied for a JPA scholarship and save me this trouble. But at that time mcm sedikit bodoh and I didn't have anyone to advice me on how to go about the application with JPA. Arghhh!!! Tension.
Makanya, skarang pening kepala on how to pay this stupid loan with PTPTpu. Saw at the website that we can withdraw from our EPF 2nd Account. So, lega skit. Call la EPF, then sedih balik. Apparently, that policy is only applicable for PTPTN agreement from year 2001 onwards. And my agreement was signed in year 2000. So tak eligible. What the tooootttt.... Kenapa ada diskriminasi ni woiii...Ya ampun...savings memang da kapuuutttt due to Projekt Haus...adoiii....of all the times, the letter has to come in Fasting

Called PTPTpu again, this time begged them cakap there's no way I can afford paying the 12k at one I will definitely have to make a mthly repayment....which means there will be things that I have to cut down balik nanti...shaiiitttt...

Overall, PTPTpu has never been a good experience for me...dari time belaja - sentiasa delay in paying my tuition fees sebab derang lambat release duit to the college....until now, charging me a hefty sum sampai rasa burden fact i realized that for my brother who went oversea on JPA loan pon is paying much lesser than I am to PTPTpu...double-shaitttt....

Makanya, I will save as much as I can for Nia's Education Fund, so that she wouldn't have to go through all this in the future....PTPTNpu tidak membantu saya....uwaaa.....membebankan ade la....:'-(