Monday, August 23, 2010

Update: Projekt Haus

Last weekend sangat lah taxing for us. In order too keep up with our contractor yang sangat lah efficient and pantas membuat kerja, we had to go to Sg Buloh and purchase electrical lightings for the whole house. At first, ingatkan lepas raya baru nak fix the lights. Skali hari Selasa ni. Adoi. Makanya, di tengah2 bulan puasa ni, kami anak beranak pon terpacak la kat kedai letrik tu selama berejam-rejam duk memilih lampu yang berkenan di hati. Perasaan? Exhausted tapi teruja. Yerla. Sapa tak excited kan. Pilih lampu untuk rumah sendiri. Basically takde la susah mana. Yang susah is to make sure that the choices that we made in total will not exceed our budget. Since ade plaster ceiling and such in our living room, we had to purchase downlights and T5 dengan byk sekali. Decorative lights ade jugak. 2 lights at our living area. Another one in front of the stair case. And another 2 at the dry kitchen. The rest, sume downlights - including the bedrooms.

Budget now mcm dah a little bit lari. So, most likely our last installment for the Dry Kitchen Cabinets kena buat 0% monthly installment. Because whatever remaining savings that we have left kena gune for curtains and barang-barang dapur. Adoi. Ini tak termasuk furnitures ok. For now, we've settled with 'Japanese Syle' la untuk furniture. Hehe. Bak kata Ida, "Kayuh slow-slow".He he he. I don't really mind not having any furnitures for now. Cos in my mind, I might as well wait before, I decide to buy anything so that I can have enough money and buy something that I really like (which can be pretty pricey selalunye). Rather than buying something cheapo tapi cepat rosak and takde kualiti.

Nonetheless, hari ni Norien, from Kian Classic, will be going over to the house to mark where our dry kitchen punye plumbing needs to be adjusted to. Then kena mark another extra plug point for our microwave and oven untuk install in the dry kitchen cabinets nanti. By this week, our wet kitchen, most likely akan siap pasang all the wall tiles. The sink & water tap will be fixed. Lantai will be levelled up and tiled. Additional plugpoints (3) will be installed.

Belakang rumah memang tak sempat siap minggu ni - so tak kisah. Cos they need to do the plumbing/drainage for the washing machine and the plug point jugak.

Internally, dalam rumah - plaster ceiling sudah siap. Tinggal nak touch up jer. Lightings sume akan pasang hari Selasa ni. Curtain railing for bawah pon harap-harapnye this week. Yang the rest, kena buat ngen curtain vendor. Tapi for plaster ceiling at the dining area, belum pasang the wood panelling lagi. Itu, still tak siap.

Next would be touching up of the house. Nak kena re-paint all the smudges, bla bla. Washing, cleaning and polishing of the tiles. Installation of dry kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobe, stove, hood and oven, grill fixture and touch up. And dekat blakang rumah, last would be nak pasang that poly-carbon roof.

And who said renovating a house is an easy work? Poning ade la. Talking and discussing and haggering with the contractors. Nak get the cheapest price but at the same time I still want the quality and workmanship. Then kena survey bermacam kedai, bermacam barang, bermacam harga. Sampai naik poning. At the same time, asyik duk tengok kat bank account balance for checks and credit - to make sure our money is sufficient. Harap-harap zero hutang. Insya Allah. So far all has been paid in cash. My motto is: Biar susah skarang, jangan susah kemudian.

Overall, we're having fun doing the house. Penat lelah pon untuk rumah kite jugak kan. Biar la kite yg penat, as long as we get what we want. I really hope that the end result will be as good as what I have in mind. Insya Allah.