Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan Menjelma Kembali

I love the holy month of Ramadhan. I think it brings out then best of everyone. Maybe because of this feel-good moods, you get more endorphines being released from your brain and making you feel even better than the other months. Even when I was a kid, entering the month of Ramadhan memang lah sangat mengujakan. We have buka puasa with the family. We have the oh-so-malas-but-still-have-to-wake-up Iftar. We get to walk to the surau beramai-ramai for Terawikh. We get to buy baju raya. We got to smell duit raya baru. And prepare the ang-pow packets. And kuih raya, and the lampu lip-lap. Wahhhh! So many things.

But basically, all in all, its the month of holliness. For us to be charitable to the less fortunate. To read more of the Quran. To stop bitching about so many things. To be as good as a Muslim is supposed to be as preached by our Prophet. I hope this year would be better for me and my family. I hope I will have the time to khatam Quran and to try and wake up at night for Solat Sunat. Those are plans and hopefully mampu la untuk buat.
So for everyone - Salam Ramadhan dari kami sekeluarga.