Friday, March 18, 2011

Dah Selesaikan Tanggungjawab Anda?

Hi Peeps,
The dateline is closing in.....ape lagi, cepat-cepat la login to e-filing before the traffic starts building up.....this year, is the first time i did e-filing on my own without help from Ida...eheheh...all the while, she has been my personal accountant....tolong submitkan and key in efiling details for me....sesungguhnye, i hate doing mmg la tak gheti nak buat....but this year, fahmi has to submit his tax payments as nak taknak, terpaksa la buat sendiri....spent the whole of today's morning on the phone with the customer service of LHDN...thankfully, they were very efficient, unlike the typical government agencies....
so Alhamdulillah, both of us dah selesai with our efling responsibilities....with the government owing us money...yahooo!!! nak ditunggu lagi...what about you? have you taken care of you efiling details?