Wednesday, March 9, 2011


1. Baby A sangat active in the tummy - everytime he kicks, sampai rasa nak terkencing pon ade.
2. Mommy can no longer lie down macam biasa - end up sesak nafas and cannot breathe - so its 100% sideways kalo tido nowadays.
3. Nia is getting oh so very cheeky - she have started to converse in English - so Mommy is very happy.
4. Baby A is getting bigger and heavier - sometimes end up Mommy had to solat sambil duduk je.
5. Mommy dah start kebas tangan/kaki like previous pregnancy - and the backache pon sudah start @_@
6. Nia dah pandai blow bubbles on her own and can count 1-2-3 till 10
7. Mommy can start thinking of stuff to buy for Baby A - Babah cakap maybe next month we can start going to the shops - yippie yay!
8. Nia dah pandai kenyit-kenyit mata, muncung mulut and say "I love you too Mommy" *melts*
9. Baby A is already 24 weeks old in the tummy - lagi 16 weeks - Mommy will finally get to see you - Insya Allah


Leonora Halim said...

nani... mothercare tgh sale skrg... pun tgh sale... next weekend ada motherhood expo dkt Midvalley... :) sila sopin!

mrs Fahmi said...

wowieeeee...tu lar....i mmg gatal jer rase nye nak pi mothercare nye sale tu...dapat sms dia aritu...isk isk isk....kena control napsu...ekekke

zakirah said...

soping soping!