Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Have You Ever Feel..

Pernah tak rasa as though you're so tired to live up to everyone's expectation out of you? I have - many times before. And sometimes rasa sampai macam dah tak larat. I just need my own space. I don't want to hear to what you have to say. I don't want to hear to that countless advice regardless how useful or true it might be. Sometimes I feel like I have the right to learn things my own way. To make my own mistakes. To do things the way I think it should be - not the way you think it should be. Basically - I'm just fed up with people giving or sharing their unwanted opinions with me. Share lah nak share. If I don't use your unwanted advice, takyah la nak buat muka or anything. Boring hokeh. urgh!! Bad chi...please go away. I need my mojo back again today.
Mode: Sangat depressed!


** mommy meen ** said...

penah... shuuhhh!

mrs Fahmi said...

tu lar kan.....sabo je...*roll eyes*

Twiggy said...

i feel you!!