Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Macam mana rasa Braxton Hicks?

During my previous pregnancy, I never knew if I were having/feeling Braxton Hicks contractions. But today, I've been feeling a sharp shooting pain down under. At first ingatkan it might be Braxton Hicks. Tapi terpikir plak, takkan la I can feel Braxton Hicks as early as 6 months. Dari pagi duk rasa, it came once in awhile, on and off. Makin banyak time dlm Townhall session tadi. After Townhall, came back to my desk terus IM two other mommies, that I knew they had Braxton Hicks before. So verdict nye adalah, Braxton Hicks should feels like contraction (which I still dunno how, cos dulu Nia kluar ikut tingkap)... Basically its similar to period pain, rasa somewhere near your abdomen dekat ari-ari kat bawah, confirm whatever I'm feeling right now is not Braxton Hicks ler....

Googled for sharp shooting pain during pregnancy.....the result is, it could be due to the vaginal spasms aka round ligament pain:
"It just means that your muscles are stretching, and it is really hitting those nerve endings in that area, and it is perfectly normal. As your belly stretches and gets bigger, these pains should go away. However, it you notice any severe pains that are accompanied by bleeding of any time, it is time to call the Gyne."

So I guess its nothing to worry about. Baby A (no longer Baby X since we've finally decided on the name) is very much active today. Kicking and squirming most of the time. Lucky for me, he's not so big yet, so takde la rasa senak sangat perut. Guess in 1 month's time it'll be a different story. Next checkup would be in March - can't wait to see you again Baby A. This time, Mommy will try to bring along Kakak Nia so that she can join in the fun and see you in the screen.


aNaS said...

ana pun xpenah rase camanelah Braxton Hicks tu sbbnye bersalin awal dari tarikh yg dijangka pasal Tn.Kecik tu breechkan.

mrs Fahmi said...

tu lar pasal.....tu yg tak sure....kekeke....contraction pon tatau rasa camno...adoii...mcm first time nak bersalin plak ni...kang kalo nurse tanye, ade contraction tak, sure tak reti nak jawab...:p