Monday, February 21, 2011

Project Dora

We are planning to throw a Dora-licious birthday party since Nia is turning 2 soon. As usual, the one who is more excited is always the Mommy. Ha-Ha. Kalo tgk si Nia, I doubt it that she even understands what the hu-ha is all about. Tak kisah la, what I want is a memorable event for my girl before No.2 pops out soon.

So, Project Dora was established and the main Project Manager is Mommy with Babah becoming the right hand man. The plan kicked off from 2 weeks ago (ok...sgt poyo although party nye in March) and some rough idea of what we want for the party. Due to budget constraint, we can't afford untuk tempah every single little things for the party. So some of the items needs to be DIY by Mommy and Babah. We started off with the Invitation Card - ciplak from the idea we saw online and off we sent out the invite to our close friends and families. Then Mommy has always wanted all those cute little fancy cupcake toppers and TQ card that I saw at this website, so we asked for a quote, and it came back not within our range so, again, another DIY project. So, Alhamdulillah, we managed to complete our own set of cupcake toppers, TQ Cards, drinking water labels and food tags. Sume sendiri bikin - that's why we need a longer planning period. Kalo budget ade berkepuk, senang la, main order je. He He. Tapi bile dah siap sume, rasa puas hati jugak. Cos we did it ourselves. Malam-malam bile tang perut keras takleh nak tido tu, Mommy pon operation gunting and gam ler.

Next, we have the menu to think about. Our guest list is not too big - so Wan agreed to help and cook some food for the party. Ordered out most of them too from our regular places. Kuih traditional, birthday cake, tartlets, brownies, cupcakes, etc. So finger's crossed that everything will be ready in time on the event day nanti.

Apart from that, we have balloons to think aboout. Ye la - kata pon party budak-budak. What is a party without any balloons to play with right. Mommy saw some DIY helium balloons pack at the party shop. Tapi bile survey harga, with another kedai, we found that it's cheaper to just order it with them for the same count of balloons. So kiddos who are attending the party nanti, be prepared to swat and pull 50 helium balloons that we plan to let afloat kat ceiling rumah.

Goodie bags! Ni pon dah siap - as of last week. Haha. Ye la - first time nak organize party kat rumah Denai Alam ni. Kena la cepat-cepat. Nak plak rumah tu still empty. Takut tak sempat nak buat so tu yg poyo awal2 dah pack sume benda. So yes - we have completed 60 bags of goodies in preparation for anyone that will be coming.

Games during the party. At first Mommy plan ade la jugak nak main 1 game. Cos the party wouldn't last that long - 2 jam je. So nak main game byk2 tak sempat. Tapi bile tanye kat Babah, he said it might be a bit rushed. So we scraped out the idea to play any games. Main je la korang sama2 sendiri nanti. But we did print out some coloring sheets and activity pages that the kids can doodle with kalo boring-boring.

And lastly, outfit for the birthday girl. So far ini satu je lagi yg still pending. Harap-harap we can go to the malls and hunt for it this week. So far I have no idea nak pakaikan Nia macam mana. No dress for her - cos I am sure dia akan berpeluh2 masam cos ramai org. So, defintiely wearing jeans. We just need to look for a nice top for her. Any idea where we can get any cute little outfits?

So harap-harapnya, the party will go on smoothly. We are trying to manage the crowd - taknak ramai sgt - else tak sempat nak mingle with all the guests. And those that we invited this time pon hanya yg rapat-rapat je. Will update more after the real party day which is gonna be on Sat - 5th March nanti. Till then, it's gonna be a fiesta!


lydzar said...

of koz la kita mak-mak jadi project manager dan excited lebih..bapak-bapak selalunya setuju jer..kan kan kan?

good luck with the party!

mrs Fahmi said...

lydzar: tu larkan.....bapak follow je...mak yg overness ni.....