Thursday, February 17, 2011

Public Holiday

I felt yesterday as though it was Monday all over again. Despite the public holiday was just for one day, we did so many things on Tuesday. So when I have to go back to the office on Wednesday morning, tetiba rasa as though its Monday Blues all over again this week. Yikes!

So, before I forgot, Salam Maulidurrasul to everyone. I hope everyone had a nice deserving break - because after this our next PH will only be in May. Phew~ That's a realllly longggg way to go.

So what did we do on Tuesday?
Started our day pretty early. We have initiated Project Dora for Nia's 2nd birthday. So out we went to hunt for some items for the birthday. For lunch, we went to Puncak Alam (jauh yang amat hokehhhh) cos Fahmi's cousin just opened up a new Briyani restaurant there. So kami pon pergi la just to give some morale support and to send my MIL punye biscuits yg dia buat nak letak at the shop untuk jual. Food was good - despite the long drive there. After that boleh sambung pergi hypermarkets at Shah Alam plak - still in the mode untuk cari stuff for Project Dora. For dinner, we went all the way to Pavillion - I had a reunion with my ex-colleagues at HRV. Fun it was - most of the gang were there. It was time well spent with a great crowd with some really good food. By the time we reached home dah flat and ready for bed.

This is why I love holidays - and Malaysia seems to have a lot of these. PH rocks and I want more! *Wink*


lydzar said...

next public holiday will be in May..adoi!
lucky me, next month start cuti maternity. so tak kisah sgt dah pasal PH tu hihihihiihih

mrs Fahmi said...

ahaha...tu lar...syiok maternity leave start lambat June..huwaa!!