Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marking the Half Way Journey

Believe it or not, I've actually reached my half way mark for my second pregnancy. Cepat betol la time di akhir zaman ni. It still feels like it was yesterday when I joke to Fahmi and told him we're expecting no.2 soon. Another 20 weeks (or maybe earlier) and we're going to have Junior out with us (Insya Allah) and Nia will become a Kakak (Hehe).

Anyway, we did our scan last month and Alhamdulillah, our Gyne managed to catch a glimpse of our Junior's gender. So Insya Allah, in June, we will have a boy joining the family. *grin* Pasnih, Babah nye dah ade rival la at home since he's not gonna be the alpha male at home anymore. Dah ade jejaka baru in the house. Huhu. Excited bagai macam. No preparation has been done for the lil kiddo as of yet.Mummy and Babah have been super busy and we might have not been paying much attention to you all this while, lil guy. But Mummy promised, we'll do much better after this.

Starting with your name. Although you are just 5 months young, we have already decided and pick your name from the longgggggg list that Mommy gave to your Babah. I pretty much over-ruled his selection, since he chose Kakak Nia's name last time - so our deal was - if we were to get a boy - I get to chose your name. (He He). So now, Mommy is trying to teach Kakak Nia, on how she can pronounce and call you later. But she's still blabbing like a baby so most of the time we ended up talking and calling you Baby instead. Ok la tu - for the time being. Hehe.
In a few months time, Babah dah promised to take us out to shop for your lil clothes and other stuff. Nothing much to buy this time - since most of the stuff are still new from Kakak Nia's time. But you will definitely get some new clothes and towels and such. Takkan la nak share plak towel sume tu kan. He He.

Ok la - we'll see you again in 1.5 weeks time during our routine date with Dr Susanna. You take care okay lil guy and remember, Mommy, Babah and Kakak Nia are all excited to meet the real you in 20 weeks time. Mwaks!


Leonora Halim said...

hehe... ada nama2 baby lelaki yg korg dah ruled out tu bagi kitorg... penin meks pikir.. yelah... awal2 dulu sume jumpa nama baby girl.. how???? :)

mrs Fahmi said...

heheeheh....tak decide lagi ka babe....skali tetiba anak kite nama sama ek....canne?...ekekekek...

** mommy meen ** said...

let mommy ida bagi nama aci tak mommy leo???