Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy new year all!! Hopefully all of us will have a wonderful year ahead! Till the next post, have a safe celebration with your loved ones tonight! Remember, safety is always first!!...hhehhee...

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Azam 2010?

Ok, it's time of the year to revise and check if I've achieved those things that I planned for 2010...This was the list that I had back in Dec 2009 when we were ushering in 2010....lets see...
1. New job, perhaps?? Because I'm sick & tired with what I'm doing now. Dah nak masuk 4 tahun. Mintak tukar, tak dapatnye. Boringggg...I'm hoping for career advancement...with biggggggggggggggg money....ahahha....sesungguhnye ku mata duitan...:p
---> Yeap, I got transferred to a new role, new department, although am still in the same Company....but it's okay....a variety at this is a check!
2. Time to save more $$$$$ to renovate my to-be-completed house..nak buat, grill, dry/wet kitchen, plaster ceiling, built-in wardrobe...kalo ade rezeki lebih, nak kasi cantik toilet and pasang electric gate..furnitures - kemudian fikir...:-)
---> Alhamdulillah, we got the keys to our house, and the renovation is successfully done and completed.....we have the kitchen made for both wet and dry...the plaster ceiling, exactly how we wanted it to be....we have built-in wardrove for bedroom 2 and bedroom 3....we have the curtains u for some of the rooms...2011, would be to have walk-in wardrove for master bedroom, to furnish the house, a feature wall and an electric yes....aircond for all the this is also another check!
3. Must go on holidays and spend more quality family time
---> Yeap, we sure did went on a lot of holidays this year....although all of it were domestic holidays....tak jadi nak pi Gold Coast as per my original plan....we went to Cameron Highland, Pulau Perhentian, Penang (twice!), Port Dickson, and a few quick getaways in KL itself....that's more than enough...So another check on the list!
4. Stay healthy
---> Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed with health this year, both myself and hubby....Nia had her 4 days stay at Pantai Hospital, BP when she was down with the super high viral fever....other than that, we've been peachy all year round....Checked!
5. Educate Nia so that dia jadi anak mummy & babah yg solehah....
---> This is ever on-going....but one thing she can do now is, she can pray...akakak...although tunggang terbalik and tak least, she has the interest to do it whenever she sees us on the sejadah.....gerenti akan berebut la ngen, half check for this
6. Be more generous to those in need & thankful for what I have
---> Tried to be more generous....give more and expect less....nothing major.....just little charities here and people always say, what goes around, comes around, Insya Allah...
7. Cook more meals for suamiku....kihkhikih
---> Meal wise...ahaah...not much of an improvement, since I still have my mom and Bibik cooking at home for us....I think unless we really actually move to our own place, then only this can take place..(alasan!hahah...)....
8. Fix my retirement & financial plan for my children
---> Retirement plan je takde lagi....But Nia has got her own education fund and health insurance she's covered....this is a half check and MUST be revisited next year ASAP!
Now that I've completed mine, what abour yours? Have you achieved all of the things that you planned for 2010?

1st Win of Many Others in the Future

ok.....I never thought that I would say this....but SYABAS MALAYSIA U23!!!You guys rock our world!!! never in my life that I would thought that we can actually see the glory of Malaysian footballers ever again....and yet, last night, our U23 team has broke the spell and brought home a national pride for all Malaysian regardless of race and gender.....

mind you, I am no football fan...and mr Husband is not one either....kebetulan our maid has been following the Suzuki Cup from day 1....and somehow, Malaysia ended up playing against Indonesia and that's when she had to change her mind and went back supporting her own country....Hence, dalam dia duk syiok layan bola, I pon masuk ler bilik tu layan skali....taknak la Malaysia takde org support plak kat rumah ni kan.....skali, watching Khairul Fahmi B. Che Mat performance during the match, caught me off-guard and sangat la kekaguman with his skills hokeeehhh.....before this, Hubby dah ade cakap to me....dia nak belikan jersi Malaysia for me and letak nama Fahmi kat blakang tu...(kebetulan plak nama depa sama kan)....since he already has a Man U jersey himself dengan nama 'Nani'....and I went like...what?...Malaysian jersey?!!!...taknak la...takde kelasss hokehhh...and who the heck is Fahmi ni....and Hubby kept on telling me that he's this goalie kid with a superb skills in catching balls and of course, naturally, I took it for granted....dah semalam tengok sendiri with my own eyes how Fahmi Che Mat plays....baru la rasa macam terkedu sekejap...ahaha....okok...he's damn good! I wish him all the best...who knows, any International Club might be interested to sign him on...that would definitely be a first for Malaysia!

Anyways, PM announced that with the win last night, there will be a Cuti Peristiwa declared tomorrow...guess in conjunction of the New Year as well.....since we in Shell are already enjoying replacement leave for New Year tomorrow, me and my friends are keeping our fingers crossed that HR will decide to give us the replacement on Monday!! that will be a long 4 days off weekend....till then.....heartiest congratulations to Malaysia U23 team, specifically to Fahmi and Safee Sali!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Need a CashCow

I was watching the re-run episodes of Giuliana & Bill on #712, when something that Bill said to Giuls struck me right on my head..."You've got the spend less and save more now that we're having a kid"....ahhaaa.....How very true is that....I mean, all parents know this.....And of course, future parents too....When I was expecting Nia last time, I didn't expect it to be so much like this that I can't even remember the last item that I actually bought for myself....Nowadays, most of the things will either be the groceries, things for the house, infant formula, packets of MamiPokos and new set of clothes for the Little Missy....I was trying to think back when was the last time I bought a new pair of clothes for myself and I think it was during Raya....tu pon sebab beli materials untuk baju new new new shirts.....not even a new handbag (although I've been salivating for one for sooooo longgg...)......the sacrifices that you make for your child...ahaha....We don't even think of new stuff for us's always for Nia, just to make sure she gets the best of everything.... playschool.... developmental toys....educational activities....hahaha oh my.....if I were to think back of myself 3 years ago....i was no where close like this....every month ade je handbag or kasut baru....mental!....guess its just one of the things that a kid can change in you....

Monday, December 27, 2010

WFH - Working from Home

This week is going to be my 3rd week working from home. The past 2 weeks memang had to because I need to chair daily teleconference calls with colleagues from UK at 7pm and if I were to drive to the office, harus la tak sempat nak sampai rumah and login by 7pm. And I don't want to reach home late because that is actually Nia's time with me - bukan time kerja lagi dah. However, duty calls, so terpaksa, so I made a deal with my boss and decided to work from home. And this week, although masih lagi ade regression test for year 2011 Jan bundle, I won't be coordinating it dah - cos my colleague is back from leave and I've been slaving for the past 2 weeks and now its her time la pulak kan. But then again, this morning, I felt sangat la malas nak pergi office nun jauh di Cyberjaya sana, so I decided why not work from home saje laa this week. Besides, its just a 4 working days week and my Boss is away in Rome - she will definitely won't be checking in on me - and plus the rest of the team is also in leave - if I were to go to the office pon harus la sangap kan cos takde org.

When my siblings or my aunties come over to the house and bumped into me at home like this, they will always think that I'm on leave. Yer la, datang kol 12pm, I am still in my pyjamas - harus la ingat aku cuti kan. But no, I am indeed working. Sometimes working from home pon ade dia pros and cons. I tend to be in front of the laptop most of the time - so takde la time nak layan Nia sangat pon - more or less sama je macam kat office. Although most of the time I won't mind having her in the library with me. I'll just switch on our personal laptop and let her watch YouTube, or else, angkut all her toys and she will just play on the floor waiting for me to finish work. Most days, I will be in my PJs in front of the laptop replying to emails and checking on defects until lunch time. Then I will take my 1 hr break to have a shower, lunch break and solat.

But yes, I must admit, I LOVEEEEE working from home. For the flexibility. For the time that I get to see Nia. Sometimes tengah2 kerja tu rasa rindu kat Nia, boleh la lari turun bawah tgk dia buat ape. She gets to have more around more often. Be it both of us are sitting in front of laptops pon - the presence counts I think. Ekekeke. And I know, my husband pon sangat jeles that he can't do this. He secretly wishes that he can also works from home so that he gets to play with Nia more. Hahaha. Jangan mare naa.

Of course, this is one of the benefit when you are working with Kerang. They do have this flexibility given that most of us are required to work on GLOBAL TIMING. So that means, although dah balik rumah kol 6pm tu, on normal days, I do sometimes still login at night to attend meetings and such. So in order for Kerang to make sure that people won't simply cabut, they have to la kasi flexibility mcm gini. Kalo tak, takde sapa nak kerja u olsss.

Ok la, I need to go and make the bed and have my shower. (He He). Till then, Toodles and yes, MERRY X'MAS and Happy BOXING DAY (Secretly wishing for that Coach - if only KL pon ade Boxing Day)!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I have an important lunch date today - and I'm very nervous about it. Gegege. Harap-harap everything goes well. Will tell more in due course. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ohh-Emm-Gee! ..... (OMG!)

One of my favourite guy is coming to town ya'alls!! How cool is that....I've been wanting to watch him live in action for so that he's really coming, rasa macam tak percaya the email brochure from my Enrich membership last night...scrolled down to check out the ticket price and that droppped my jawline kasi mulut nganga sikit nye besar oh my! Soooo the pricey! Cheapest is MYR250!!! goshhh...and its just at stadium melawati...not even dekat istana budaya or anywhere yg comfortable....geeezzzz....that somehow made me think twice....maybe i should start nagging to Encik Suami......nak gi concerttttt....please please please please....:p...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another 28 Weeks to Go....

Alhamdulillah....I have reached my 12th weeks of pregnancy.....Compared to my previous pregnancy, I am really couting the weeks to cross over to second trimester this time...and thank God, that is just 1 week away....*phew*....bukan ape....kali ni, my morning sickness - or shall I say, evening sickness - is worse than the previous one....My 1st pregnancy was pretty much smooth sailing apart from the fact I regularly have a blackout and fainted once during the 1st trimester....tapi morning sickness memang almost zero that time....kali ni, asal balik kerja je, gerenti mual - angin - sume la, cukup lengkap...once muntah lam kete...kat toilet tu, toksah ckp la....haha....papehal, at least my case is not as bad as some of the other preggie ladies...

Anyhow, I sure am glad to be stepping closer to the end of all kemualan dan yg sewaktu dengannya.... How's Little Miss taking in all this? I don't think she fully understands the situation yet...She know's that there's a baby inside mummy's tummy....cos she followed us to our first scanning last month....but apart from that, she's been acting like a big drama princess as the usual....mengaruk nak dukung, manja, cranky...sume la....guess its the big sister syndrome...and all this only happens when mummy is around...kalo mummy takde, ok je, behave baik-baik....oo well...i've expected this...and Nia pon still I don't really mind....kang once dia dah besar, dah taknak la plak cuddly cuddly with mummy...eheheh...sementara dia nak ni.....ok la....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm sooooo tired at the office and all this workload. Tiba-tiba bulan December ni la sume nak datang bertimpa-timpa. People!!! December is the month to chill!!~ People are supposed to be on leave. Not doing regression testing sampai 3x when normally its just once a month. Mangkuk ayun mana la yg decide nak buat sampai 3x ni....dah la sume in a row....*sigh*....i'm just counting my days to January before we can go off on a week's break to Langkawi....
On top of that, me and hubby are both darn tired from our non-stop activities that we have to do every weekend...ade je kena travel kenduri kawen family holiday balik kampung la...majlis itu la...majlis ini la.......huwaaaa.....both of us are actually looking forward for some quiet R&R time at home without anything to do except tengok tv, read books or main PS3/, this weekend is going to be our last travelling plan for this year....we need to go back to Batu Pahat untuk cukur jambul Baby Hedzra (my husband's niece)...and then, we're finally done for this year..*phew*..both of us have agreed that no more travelling or weekend plans sampai our trip to Langkawi in Jan.....till then.....selamat berehat, selamat bercuti and selamat bermalas-malasan di rumah...Sekian!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Mummy's princess got a big cut on her palm.
What happaned?
Minah nih duk main basikal outside the house compound kat atas jalan raya. Now kan school break, so we have 6 of her cousins staying over at home. So she was all happy that morning, playing with everyone when suddenly, our neighbour's dog decided to bark at them excitedly. Teruja tgk ramai budak-budak outside the house kot. So this Little Missy, panicked, and wanted to get down from her bicycle to run over to her Bibik. Tapi tersadung and fell down on the road - jalan raya tu lar. But I guess, because of the adrenalin rush, she didn't realize that she had a cut at that time and continued playing macam biasa. Afterwards, boleh mandi (tak nangis lagi), main ngen cousins - siap pukul-pukul abang-abang dia (tak nangis lag), kira all is well la (sebab tak sedar lagi tangan luka this time). Then out of the sudden, my niece saw the cut and told the Bibik. So Bibik came over to inspect so Little Miss pon baru la perasan this red gash on her palm. Terus la drama - nangis tersedu sedan, wants to be carried all over the house by Bibik, and siap lentok kepala atas bahu. I'm guessing its not so much of the pain, cos if it is, she would've cried time mandi pagi tu. My guess is dia seriau cos tak pernah luka and it looks pretty gory with the red color around the wound. He He He.
Elok Mummy balik kerja malam tu, drama sambung la. Show off her hand and asked to be carried. And please, don't mention the luka to her, else, the tears will start rolling down again. *_*. Nia oh Nia.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Please Protect Our Children!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Have you heard of this word before...."Ceper"....

I have not....even in my 28 years of life....first time I heard this was last night during dinner at home with my brothers and sisters around....and I went like..."ha??...ceper....amende tu....tak penah dengo pon"...terus kena gelak dek anak-anak buah....ceissss....rupanya, this is what people in KL call when u play with tudung botol....remember the days when we were back in primary schools, we used to hang out at the school canteen just to wait for the kakak/abang canteen to throw away all the tudung bottle and we will collect them and play in nama dia da jadi canggih skit..."Ceper"....

tapi katanye skarang, kids in school (ini cerita from my nephew lar), they can no longer collect this at the school canteen....skang tudung bottle tu dah kena jual....sepeket ade 5 keping and dijual at the price of RM1 ke brapa sen tah....ceissss.....this canteen people are really making money....cekik darah budak-budak betol la....but i'm still glad that the legacy of main tudung botol still lives on...I can't remember the last time I played thing for sure, it's sure is fun watching them now playing and challenging each thats what you call semangat it only by flicking your fingers and not dropping a single sweat....akakakak....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Porte Dickson

Teruja! Esok we're heading out to Port Dickson early in the morning for 4 days. It's a family holiday with my in laws who are all coming down from Johor. We're staying at Maybank's holiday bungalow and I hope that the place is nice and cozy. From the Google picture, it looks pretty decent. And of course, what's a beach holiday if we don't have any BBQ, right. Since the bungalow already consists of a BBQ pit, all we need to bring is marinated food direct to the grill.

So, wind, sand and water, here we come!