Friday, February 25, 2011

For: Fahmi Bin Rahmat


Setiap nafas yang dihembus
Setiap degupan jantung
Aku selalu memikirkanmu
Dalam sedar dibuai angan
Dalam tidur dan khayalan
Aku selalu memikirkanmu

Ternyata ku perlukan cinta dari dirimu sayang
Barulah terasa ku bernyawa

Kasihku…ku amat mencintai kamu
Kerana kau beri erti hidup
Ku kan terus mencinta sedetik lebih selepas selamanya

Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan
Ku bersyukur adanya kamu
Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia
Asal masih adanya kamu

Ternyata ku perlukan cinta dari dirimu sayang
Barulah terasa ku bernyawa

Kasihku…ku amat mencintai kamu
Kerana kau beri erti hidup
Ku kan terus mencinta sedetik lebih selepas selamanya

Thursday, February 24, 2011

And Whoever Said Marriage is an Easy Thing?

Hurtful feelings
Hair-pulling moments
Silent treatment

...and the list goes on and on.....this is the beauty of it...but at the end of the day, you know that you still have each matter what....and that's the joy of marriage...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Macam mana rasa Braxton Hicks?

During my previous pregnancy, I never knew if I were having/feeling Braxton Hicks contractions. But today, I've been feeling a sharp shooting pain down under. At first ingatkan it might be Braxton Hicks. Tapi terpikir plak, takkan la I can feel Braxton Hicks as early as 6 months. Dari pagi duk rasa, it came once in awhile, on and off. Makin banyak time dlm Townhall session tadi. After Townhall, came back to my desk terus IM two other mommies, that I knew they had Braxton Hicks before. So verdict nye adalah, Braxton Hicks should feels like contraction (which I still dunno how, cos dulu Nia kluar ikut tingkap)... Basically its similar to period pain, rasa somewhere near your abdomen dekat ari-ari kat bawah, confirm whatever I'm feeling right now is not Braxton Hicks ler....

Googled for sharp shooting pain during pregnancy.....the result is, it could be due to the vaginal spasms aka round ligament pain:
"It just means that your muscles are stretching, and it is really hitting those nerve endings in that area, and it is perfectly normal. As your belly stretches and gets bigger, these pains should go away. However, it you notice any severe pains that are accompanied by bleeding of any time, it is time to call the Gyne."

So I guess its nothing to worry about. Baby A (no longer Baby X since we've finally decided on the name) is very much active today. Kicking and squirming most of the time. Lucky for me, he's not so big yet, so takde la rasa senak sangat perut. Guess in 1 month's time it'll be a different story. Next checkup would be in March - can't wait to see you again Baby A. This time, Mommy will try to bring along Kakak Nia so that she can join in the fun and see you in the screen.

Something That I Hope Will Never Happen To Any Of Us

Semalam, a friend shared a blog yg sangat menyentuh perasaan for any mommies yg baca....lucky when I got this, I was ready to go back home frm the office.....dah pukul 5.50pm kot that baca la a few entries dia....terus emo, sok-sek sorg-sorg kat opis ni....lucky sume org lain da balik...ahahah....anyways, Al-Fatihah buat Alanna Qish, semoga arwah ditempahkan di kalangan bidadari syurga yg cantik menawan....and our prayers to the mommy and daddy, hopefully they will find peace and solace one fine day....for those yg interested to know further.....sila la layan.... "Doa Buat Alanna" ....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Project Dora

We are planning to throw a Dora-licious birthday party since Nia is turning 2 soon. As usual, the one who is more excited is always the Mommy. Ha-Ha. Kalo tgk si Nia, I doubt it that she even understands what the hu-ha is all about. Tak kisah la, what I want is a memorable event for my girl before No.2 pops out soon.

So, Project Dora was established and the main Project Manager is Mommy with Babah becoming the right hand man. The plan kicked off from 2 weeks ago (ok...sgt poyo although party nye in March) and some rough idea of what we want for the party. Due to budget constraint, we can't afford untuk tempah every single little things for the party. So some of the items needs to be DIY by Mommy and Babah. We started off with the Invitation Card - ciplak from the idea we saw online and off we sent out the invite to our close friends and families. Then Mommy has always wanted all those cute little fancy cupcake toppers and TQ card that I saw at this website, so we asked for a quote, and it came back not within our range so, again, another DIY project. So, Alhamdulillah, we managed to complete our own set of cupcake toppers, TQ Cards, drinking water labels and food tags. Sume sendiri bikin - that's why we need a longer planning period. Kalo budget ade berkepuk, senang la, main order je. He He. Tapi bile dah siap sume, rasa puas hati jugak. Cos we did it ourselves. Malam-malam bile tang perut keras takleh nak tido tu, Mommy pon operation gunting and gam ler.

Next, we have the menu to think about. Our guest list is not too big - so Wan agreed to help and cook some food for the party. Ordered out most of them too from our regular places. Kuih traditional, birthday cake, tartlets, brownies, cupcakes, etc. So finger's crossed that everything will be ready in time on the event day nanti.

Apart from that, we have balloons to think aboout. Ye la - kata pon party budak-budak. What is a party without any balloons to play with right. Mommy saw some DIY helium balloons pack at the party shop. Tapi bile survey harga, with another kedai, we found that it's cheaper to just order it with them for the same count of balloons. So kiddos who are attending the party nanti, be prepared to swat and pull 50 helium balloons that we plan to let afloat kat ceiling rumah.

Goodie bags! Ni pon dah siap - as of last week. Haha. Ye la - first time nak organize party kat rumah Denai Alam ni. Kena la cepat-cepat. Nak plak rumah tu still empty. Takut tak sempat nak buat so tu yg poyo awal2 dah pack sume benda. So yes - we have completed 60 bags of goodies in preparation for anyone that will be coming.

Games during the party. At first Mommy plan ade la jugak nak main 1 game. Cos the party wouldn't last that long - 2 jam je. So nak main game byk2 tak sempat. Tapi bile tanye kat Babah, he said it might be a bit rushed. So we scraped out the idea to play any games. Main je la korang sama2 sendiri nanti. But we did print out some coloring sheets and activity pages that the kids can doodle with kalo boring-boring.

And lastly, outfit for the birthday girl. So far ini satu je lagi yg still pending. Harap-harap we can go to the malls and hunt for it this week. So far I have no idea nak pakaikan Nia macam mana. No dress for her - cos I am sure dia akan berpeluh2 masam cos ramai org. So, defintiely wearing jeans. We just need to look for a nice top for her. Any idea where we can get any cute little outfits?

So harap-harapnya, the party will go on smoothly. We are trying to manage the crowd - taknak ramai sgt - else tak sempat nak mingle with all the guests. And those that we invited this time pon hanya yg rapat-rapat je. Will update more after the real party day which is gonna be on Sat - 5th March nanti. Till then, it's gonna be a fiesta!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Musim Virus Tirus

adoiii....semalam would rate as one of the toughest day this whole month....nak kata year takleh la kan....baru awal tahun what i've been complaining about previously...these past 2 weeks kerja byk ya rabbi....masuk office still macam biasa: 9am-6pm....then rush back home from CBJ to will take us around 1 hour to go thru the traffic in NKVE, so earliest we can reach home is 7pm....dinner, mandi and solat maghrib...then by 8pm+ i would normally be logging in back again via VPN cos hari-hari for the past 2 weeks ade telecon at night...ya Allah...memang tak tahu nak cakap mcm mana....i don't even have time nak duduk atas sofa baca paper ke...tgk news ke...apatah lagi nak main ngen Nia...bole la layan dia kejap in between duk login sume tu....memang rasa penat to the max...

making things worse, smalam dah demam and flu...kepala berat...mata sume da panas....pergi office pon rasa mcm after my last telecon malam tadi, immediately kluar cari clinic 24 the time sampai pon dah kol 10pm+....dapat ubat and dapat lecture sebakul from the doctor...."you are 5 months pregnant....pls...get some rest....don't work long hours for too much" i wish la tuan doctor...sapa yg nak kerja sampai 14 hours a day for 2 weeks in a row...memang rasa nak in the end, the doctor said...."i don't care, i'm giving you a MC for friday and you'll have a 3 days weekend to please don't work tomorrow"... happy dapat isnin nanti, meraung la tgk email kotnye...ahaha..nasib....yg pasti, i woke up this morning...i couldn't even feel my head...berdenyut and sengal je rase....dek hingus and kahak yg makan ubat and rasa high sampai la sekarang...hehehe..

so mari kawan-kawan....let's rest and give our body a break so that tak kena nervous breakdown mcm malam tadi lagi...gegegege

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nia & Minyak Rambut Cap Safi

I came home yesterday from work to listen to an earful of stories from my maid, my grandmother's maid (who is currently in KL temporarily staying with us) and also from my mom. It's the same stories being told over and over and I am just stunt speechless when I heard what happened yesterday morning at home.

Funny it was - my Little Miss - have now started becoming more and more mischevious.

Wan was not at home in the morning because she had religious class at the mosque. So in the morning, Nia is left at home with the 2 bibiks as well as my old grandmother. Yesterday morning, my grandmother, had the itch to have Bubur Asyura for tea. So the 2 maids were preparing the ingrediants and the many kinds of condiments under the supervision of my Tok who is also sitting with them kat dapo. At this point of time, my Little Missy, is in the bedroom downstairs, watching cartoon as what she normally does - and the maids will take turn to check in on her in the room. So all is still well - at this point of time.

30 mins afterwards, my grandmother's maid went into the room again and noticed that Little Miss is sitting down veryyy quietly on the carpet while looking down at something on her lap with her behind facing the door. So Bibik nye pon tanye la, "Nia buat ape tu?" - still thinking that nothing is amiss. This little girl, lepas dengar someone tegur dia, I guess she was shell-shocked, dengan muka terkejut, turned around and faced the Bibik, with white colored hair oil (my grandmother punya laaa ni) smudged full on her face and a another whole bunch of it on top of her hair. In front of her, she has a mirror and a pair of mini scissors ready to cut the changing liner of her Nyang Tok. Hadoi! Bibik punye la terkejut terus menjerit panggil my maid in the kitchen. Haha. Both couldn't help it but to laugh when they looked at Little Missy ni. This girl, I think dia mcm stunt, couldn't understand why these 2 adults are laughing at her just stared at them and after they finished laughing, she stood up with her hands on her hip and said, "Masya Allah". Dah Bibik-Bibiknye gelak for second round pulak. Hahaha.

In the end, Nia ended up having another bath in the morning and my maid had to shampoo her hair for 4 times just to get rid of the oil from her face and her hair. So when I reached home petang smalam, her head sangat la wangi - normally dah masam bau peluh. Kakaka. Macam-macam la Nia ni. One thing for sure, she wiped clean all of Nyang Tok's minyak rambut and made everyone laughed out loud yesterday.

Public Holiday

I felt yesterday as though it was Monday all over again. Despite the public holiday was just for one day, we did so many things on Tuesday. So when I have to go back to the office on Wednesday morning, tetiba rasa as though its Monday Blues all over again this week. Yikes!

So, before I forgot, Salam Maulidurrasul to everyone. I hope everyone had a nice deserving break - because after this our next PH will only be in May. Phew~ That's a realllly longggg way to go.

So what did we do on Tuesday?
Started our day pretty early. We have initiated Project Dora for Nia's 2nd birthday. So out we went to hunt for some items for the birthday. For lunch, we went to Puncak Alam (jauh yang amat hokehhhh) cos Fahmi's cousin just opened up a new Briyani restaurant there. So kami pon pergi la just to give some morale support and to send my MIL punye biscuits yg dia buat nak letak at the shop untuk jual. Food was good - despite the long drive there. After that boleh sambung pergi hypermarkets at Shah Alam plak - still in the mode untuk cari stuff for Project Dora. For dinner, we went all the way to Pavillion - I had a reunion with my ex-colleagues at HRV. Fun it was - most of the gang were there. It was time well spent with a great crowd with some really good food. By the time we reached home dah flat and ready for bed.

This is why I love holidays - and Malaysia seems to have a lot of these. PH rocks and I want more! *Wink*

Friday, February 11, 2011

Panic Attack

ok...mommy had a panic attack this morning....the story goes like this....

last night when I was lying down in bed putting Nia to sleep....suddenly it struck me that I didn't feel Baby X kicking at all during daytime as well as movement from when husband came into the room...i told him that he was pretty calm and said maybe the baby is sleeping....then i told him...takkan la sleep the whole day....cos i really didn't feel any flutters at all from him that day....i admit that I've been super busy and very stressed this whole is piling like crap and me feel oh so very tired nowadays....but duty calls and someone gotta do the job....but I would always noticed little kicks and flutters from Junior in the tummy....especially when i'm sitting down at the ok la...sambung story....then i started to shake my literary shaking it from left to right pakai tangan...kasi gempa bumi skit to the baby inside...ahaha....and yet...still no response....ok...hati tak sedap....worry kicks in....Fahmi and Nia helped me out putting their ears on the tummy and saying hello to the baby...ahaha...zilch response jugak....

so bangun subuh pagi tadi....immediately told Fahmi....i wanna go see Dr Susanna...our appointment is not due's actually scheduled for next Saturday....but I told him....better be panic than off we went...lucky for us it's Friday...and Doc didn't have many patients....we were No.2 in the queue when we reached her clinic....9.45am, my name was called and off we went...told Doc Susanna about my worries and she just smiled...calmly bole ckp at me not to worry its pretty common for the baby at this stage not to move so much yet...and even have days whereby i can't feel him at all....we did the scan.....and listened to his heartbeat....*phew*....baru la lega hati ini...ehehhe....he's allright....scan situ....scan sini...everything is perfect....he's size is corresponding nicely with 20weeks punye measurement...he's weighing 338grams as of today....and the Doc was nice enough to print a picture of his balls for us to show to his grandparents nanti...ahahah....tgk kat Babah nye...bukan main lebo tersengih...tgk anak dia nye balls...caitsss.....

so Alhamdulillah...everything is well....mommy je yg freakazoid mcm tah I'm writing this right now...baru sudah lunch...and Junior is moving around in the tummy....i guess he's happy he's getting his first taste of KFC Zinger burger for lunch today...ahah...till then....take care mommies!

ohh!! i received some good news from my girlfriends today...will share them soon~

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marking the Half Way Journey

Believe it or not, I've actually reached my half way mark for my second pregnancy. Cepat betol la time di akhir zaman ni. It still feels like it was yesterday when I joke to Fahmi and told him we're expecting no.2 soon. Another 20 weeks (or maybe earlier) and we're going to have Junior out with us (Insya Allah) and Nia will become a Kakak (Hehe).

Anyway, we did our scan last month and Alhamdulillah, our Gyne managed to catch a glimpse of our Junior's gender. So Insya Allah, in June, we will have a boy joining the family. *grin* Pasnih, Babah nye dah ade rival la at home since he's not gonna be the alpha male at home anymore. Dah ade jejaka baru in the house. Huhu. Excited bagai macam. No preparation has been done for the lil kiddo as of yet.Mummy and Babah have been super busy and we might have not been paying much attention to you all this while, lil guy. But Mummy promised, we'll do much better after this.

Starting with your name. Although you are just 5 months young, we have already decided and pick your name from the longgggggg list that Mommy gave to your Babah. I pretty much over-ruled his selection, since he chose Kakak Nia's name last time - so our deal was - if we were to get a boy - I get to chose your name. (He He). So now, Mommy is trying to teach Kakak Nia, on how she can pronounce and call you later. But she's still blabbing like a baby so most of the time we ended up talking and calling you Baby instead. Ok la tu - for the time being. Hehe.
In a few months time, Babah dah promised to take us out to shop for your lil clothes and other stuff. Nothing much to buy this time - since most of the stuff are still new from Kakak Nia's time. But you will definitely get some new clothes and towels and such. Takkan la nak share plak towel sume tu kan. He He.

Ok la - we'll see you again in 1.5 weeks time during our routine date with Dr Susanna. You take care okay lil guy and remember, Mommy, Babah and Kakak Nia are all excited to meet the real you in 20 weeks time. Mwaks!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

weeeeehu!!! long weekend is finally here....esok i'm flying back to Kuala Terengannu with Nia....Fahmi kena tinggal in KL since he has to work both Thursday and Friday....but we'll be back here by Friday actually looking forward to go back Terengganu again...although baru je balik....i love the food there.....kalo balik sana, sure la makan macam2 tak hingat....tapi this time around leceh skit la nak kluar cari makanan....cos i'm flying back, so takde kereta nak drive out..arwah Ki punye kereta ade la...but it's a manual car....and I'm sooooooo not confident to drive a manual car....the last time bawak manual time test nak amik lesen dulu i'm hoping my mom lagi pro la in terms of bawak kete manual ni...ahahaha.....ade ke patut expect mak plak yg drive me out and about...ekekke...but i guess i won't be going out much, cos balik ni pon for tahlil arwah....harus la nak kena buat kerja at home kan...tak kisah la...yg pasti, nak melantak breakfast nasi lemak ikan...kekee...which i know, Nia pon suke...:p
today, although happy dah nak cuti....tapi agak frustrating at work...cos i've been having issues with one of the testing software that we're using...even after being on the phone for almost 2 hours with the IT Helpdesk, but netmeeting bagai problem is not yet resolved....balik opis Isnin ni dah ade regression test...dah nak kena gune software la how la....pening duk pk....lantak ler....isnin pagi kena crack my head to fix this....*sigh*....another reason for not looking forward to come back to the office....
but...this morning, ade happy news from one of my girlfriends....alhamdulillah...very very very happy for her...harap-harap everything will go as plan for prayers are always with you....
and last but not least, happy chinese new year to my chinese journey back to your kampung or holiday destinations for those who are travelling....and sila la doakan so that Semek tak buat hal on the plane esok...akaka...neves hokehh!!...ekeek...happy long weekend~